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Simply Amazing

Loving my order from Ohhts! I ordered Apple Pie, Blueberry Streusel, Coffee Cake, and Pumpkin Spice. They are SO good. Can’t wait to restock!

My favorite flavor! Truly tastes like blueberry streusel.

Banana Bread
Jonathan S.

Banana Bread

Banana Bread
Mike L.
Banana Bread is delicious

One of my favorite flavors, not too sweet, they really nailed the flavor on this one

Yummy and convenient!

We love the concept and execution. Great job!

Blueberry is bangin!!

Love this flavor, tastes so good. Perfect pre or post workout snack!


Tried a few favors! Great for on the go!


Angel food is my fav at the moment! Excited to try some new ones I got! It’s the perfect on the go breakfast and delicious!

Angel Food Cake
Great Breakfast

Quick, Easy, and tasty. Highly recommended.

The Coconut Custard is DELICIOUS

I love how the coconut custard flavor is just the perfect sweetness and has a natural flavor. Tastes like high quality ingredients. One of my favorite flavors

My favorite flavor!

All the ohhts ive tried have been delicious so far but devils food is my new favorite! The organic cacao tastes delicious and love the slight coffee flavor. Goes perfect with a coffee!

Strawberry Shortcake
Kaitlin-Ann M.

Truly found my favorite flavor (followed by Banana Bread). It’s sweet but not overtly so. It was extremely easy to make (just add the milk), genius. I can see me eating it all times of the day!

A Treat Without Regret! SO DELICIOUS

This was so incredibly delicious I forgot all the health benefits! I usually crave sweets after a work out and feel upset with myself when I treat myself to one when it’s not a healthy option. But now I’ve found my new obsession!! Not only is the taste great, the packaging makes it easy and spill proof to eat directly from it.

My favorite!

Love all of the flavors - and how easy these are to make - but banana bread is my favorite!!


These are so easy to make - but more importantly, they are delicious! They are great anytime of day!

Love Oats!

Great company with great product made by great people

Banana Bread
Xavier V.
Super amazing

Fantastic and smooth tasting. Amazing flavor throughout and a great way to start the day

Best breakfast

These products are absolutely amazing. Easy to prepare, great to grab on the go, and super tasty! I’ve already got so many people on the Ohhts! train and it’s Been unanimous… The quality and taste speak for itself!

My favorite flavor!

Every flavor I’ve tried has been great, but coconut custard is easily my favorite.

I can't choose which one is my favorite!

They're all delicious, but, as a lover of banana bread, the Banana Bread Ohhts! is definitely one of my favorites!

Absolutely Amazing!

Quick, easy, healthy, and delicious…who could ask for more. Give them a try. You’ll love them.

Banana Bread
Cheryl C.
nana banana

I LUV Banana bread oatmeal and add extra banana's but it doesn't need the extra "nana's".

Coconut Custard
Whitney S.

Coconut Custard

Angel Food Cake
Nicole K.

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake
Christie O.

I love this one of the best. Very sweet and satisfying