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Glorious! Pure Perfection

This flavor to me, is pure perfection! It is not 'just' blueberry, by any stretch of the imagination. This delectable delight captures the true essence of a Blueberry Streusel is sweet enough to be fabulous yet so healthy at the same time. I am not sure HOW Ohhts worked their magic with this flavor, but I just love it and I love it even more each time I enjoy a pouch. Cannot wait to reorder more Blueberry!! Thank you Ohhts for making Blueberry Streusel part of my mornings, afternoons, post work-outs....anytime is a great time for this flavor!

Thank you for sharing this with us! We love hearing this!

Angel Food Cake
Xavier V.
Just ridiculous

A truly amazing flavor that I genuinely can’t describe it is just that good

WOW! thanks for the review!!

They don’t miss

I absolutely love the strawberry packets the fact that I could even use water and still enjoy them blew me away

So great to hear how easy it makes your day! thanks for the love!

Apple Pie
Julie O.
Ohhts! are the BEST

Ohhts! are not only convenient and easy to use, they are delicious and super filling. Apple Pie and all the flavors are a great way to start the day or fend off the afternoon sugar cravings. You can easily prepare them the night before or if you forget, you can prepare them quickly by using hot water/milk or a bowl and the microwave. I love the convenience and quality of this nutritious product.

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Apple Pie
Who doesn't like Apple Pie for breakfast??

Actually tastes like apple pie but is much better for you. This has been my go to for the colder months of the year.

Apple pie is on the regular rotation here too! ❤️

So delicious!

So so delicious! This has got to be one of my favorite flavors!

We like to say it’s heavenly for a reason! So glad you like it!

My new fav: blueberry!

Just when I thought the angel food was my fav, the new blueberry flavor stole my heart ❤️ Ohhts! satisfies my breakfast and dessert all-in-one delicious package 😋

Love to hear this! Thank you for the !

Pumpkin Pie
Amanda W.
So yummy!

Wow how is something so healthy so yummy?! It’s the perfect amount of pumpkin and kept me full for hours!

Thanks for the review! We <3 Pumpkin Pie too and can eat it all the time!

Blueberry Streusel
Stefania A.
Power Pancakes!

The blueberry streusel in my pancake batter made for a healthy breakfast that was DELICIOUS! So full of flavor, you forgot these oats are good for you!

Thanks for the inspiration Stef! They sound so good!! Off to make some! XOhhts!

Blueberry Streusel
Michelle O.
Delicious and healthy!

Absolutely loved the new Blueberry Streusel Ohhts! I mixed it with maple flavored oat milk and it was so tasty. I appreciate having a breakfast option that's super easy to make and tastes great, but is also nutritious.

That sounds so good! Happy you’re enjoying the new Ohhts!

Great taste. Easy to make

This is a nice treat for breakfast. Easy to make. Not overly sweet. You can eat as is or add some berries to it.

Thank you for sharing! Berries sounds great in Devils Food Cake.. sounds like a blackout cake! Yum!!

We like the fruit ones more than the devil’s food. Love the fruit flavors A LOT!!!! Hope Thanksgiving was great for you guys.

Thank you for sharing! So glad you’re enjoying the fruit flavors and hope you had a happy Thanksgiving too! We’re grateful for you!!

Pumpkin Pie
Xavier V.
Exactly what I needed

Love the pumpkin season and this here gave me exactly what I needed to fill that craving

Thank you!! We can get down with Pumpkin all year long!

Best blueberry oats

I’ve never been super big on blueberry but this right here was worth the try for sure great flavor

Thanks for the review! We’re so glad to hear you liked it!

Amazingly delicious!!

Banana bread is so flavorful and delicious! I didn’t know that something as healthy as this is, could taste so good! It tastes just like my mom and grandmas family recipe of banana bread! In addition to breakfast, it is a great after school option to get ready for practice! It keeps me full and energized when I need it most. This flavor is definitely in my top three, I love it!

To be in the same stratosphere as Grandma’s banana bread is the best comment ever! Thank you!!

These ohhts are the best!

After eating the chocolate ohhts, I was blown away on how rich it tasted. These flavors aren’t your ordinary and basic store flavors. Most chocolate flavor food all tastes the same, but this was different. After the first bite, I knew I discovered something special, the tastes was pure and you can tell that they care about perfecting each flavor ohhts. This is simply the best thing since sliced bread

We are so glad you like them! Glad to hear you’re getting your chocolate fix!

Ohhts my goodness, so good!!

Tried this one right before thanksgiving, and it’s hard to say what was better - pumpkin pie ohhts or the real pumpkin pie i ate for dessert. So delicious, I’d eat the ohhts for both breakfast and dessert!

This is EVERYTHING! We love that you loved pumpkin pie - now you can get your fix anytime you want! XOhhts!


Devils Food Ohhts are exactly what I needed to satisfy my chocolate craving! Especially during this holiday season when cookies and candies are everywhere you look! So delicious and filling. Bonus that you can pronounce all the ingredients 😘

Thank you Laura!! So glad we’re there to help slay those cravings with something healthy! XOhhts!

blueberry oatmeal

My 12 month old gson ate the whole package.!!! I thought he'd take a few bites and then I'd finish it, but he ate the whole package. Guess it's a thumbs up for the blueberry!!!

This is amazing to hear! Let’s get him on the package!

Banana Bread
Steve S.
LOVE healthy food that tastes like dessert

Ohhts really stands out for me because they are delicious - BUT healthy - which isn't always easy to find! Usually healthy, lower sugar foods taste bland or like something is missing (the sugar) - but NOT the case with these. All of their flavors are delicious IMO and i love how it's easy (and not messy) to prepare with the packs they come in. You just pour in your own milk (I use oat milk), shake, and put it in fridge for 4 or more hours. Def recommend for anyone who wants to try this and discover they can enjoy a tasty breakfast, snack or dessert without a bunch of junk and refined sugar. Great job Ohhts!

Thank you so much for this review! Hearing this means the world to us. So glad you’re enjoying and that we can be a part of your day!

Apple Pie
Vanessa B.
Apple Pie Perfection

The new apple pie flavor is delicious! This is easily one of my favorites! It has all of the flavors a real apple pie should have (I am a baker) all wrapped up in this convenient pouch! I’m ecstatic that this is healthier than an actual pie too! Highly recommended!

Thank you for sharing! So glad you're enjoying Apple Pie - It's a classic!

Strawberry Shortcake Perfection!

You will love the strawberry flavor in this one! It’s a true taste of strawberry shortcake that will make you want more on a regular basis! I love that these are low calorie and good for you!

So glad you're loving the farm-fresh strawberries! Enjoy!!

Devil's Food Cake
Jessica M.
So Satisfying

If you want a chocolate fix without any guilt whatsoever, this is the way to go! It is SO good, it completely satisfies the chocolate tooth! I will be ordering this one regularly!

ooooh! we love to hear this! Who said you can't be naughty AND nice!

Apple Pie
Jessica M.
My Favorite New Flavor of Ohhts!

The Apple pie Ohhts are absolutely incredible! This new flavor is definitely my new favorite! I get everything I would want in an apple pie. It has the perfect balance of apples and cinnamon. I can’t believe it’s only 240 calories! I just put my order in for more!

We are so happy you're loving Apple Pie! Thank you!


Huge hit with the kiddos at Christmas. Fast, easy & delicious! They took them everywhere in a thermos :)