Answers to commonly asked questions

How are Ohhts! Made?

Ohhts! are ridiculously easy to make! To start, simply expand the bottom of the pouch and tear off the "lid". Next, add your favorite milk to the convenient fill line on the back of the pouch. Then just seal, give it a good shake and refrigerate! We suggest letting them sit overnight, but if a craving hits, a minimum of 4 hours is recommended!

ARE OHHTS! Just for Breakfast?

No! Ohhts! are so easy to make and take along that you can enjoy them for breakfast but lots of our customers say that they enjoy them as a snack, post-workout meal and even dessert!

Can I make Ohhts! in my Own jar?

Of course! Simply pour the contents of the pouch into your own jar. We recommend 3/4C of your favorite milk for the perfect creamy texture.

How Long can i keep Ohhts! in the Fridge?

We recommend enjoying Ohhts! within 3 days of filling for the best experience.

Can I microwave Ohhts!

Yes! If you want to take the chill out of your Ohhts! before eating, simply pour the Ohhts! into a microwave-safe container and warm for 20 seconds (depending on your microwave strength).

Are Ohhts! REALLY Gluten-Free?

Yes! We sourced the best certified gluten-free rolled oats we could find when making Ohhts! All of our ingredients are routinely tested for traces of gluten to ensure we remain 100% Gluten-free.